Big Idea

For the product launch of AT&T TV we developed and executed a fully integrated, omni-channel strategy leading up to and during Super Bowl Weekend’s Super Saturday Night.

We directed our strategy on what animates Lady Gaga fans – kindness. From influencers to drive to retail, e-commerce, social media, digital, branded content, experiential, livestream event, radio and PR, our message was clear and a resounding success.

The epic launch created a future branding engine that dominated social media and PR conversation and delivered blockbuster results for AT&T TV and their 5G network.


General Market, LGBTQ+


#1 Trending Worldwide

200% Increase Drive to Retail

4.5+ Million Retargeting Audience Pool

10.2+ Million Livestream Views

  • Viral Content and #ToDonate
  • AT&T TV
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